Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Why do you need to listen to an expert? And who do you choose?

Today we seem to be surrounded by experts at everything....

We all judge Master Chef, Dancing with the Stars and X Factor like we know what we are talking about.
I know that I am an expert at Football and I have never played the game at any level that counts.

We have political experts that tell us how well or badly our politicians are doing and we have politicians that are experts at running the country where they have never run anything except a political campaign.
Now I have been providing property investment advice for about 20 years now and still don’t consider myself to be an expert but I have seen a lot of mistakes and learned from what others have done.

If you do something long enough you get very good at it or you just don't last.

Why do you need an expert’s advice WHEN IT COME TO PROPERTY?
Answer; It’s just too hard to try and do it by yourself.
Most property investors don’t achieve financial independence because:
the first decade of anyone’s investing career is their learning curve.
Of course many never survive this stage… about 70% drop out during the first few years.

Those that make it past 10 years have to make up for the lost time and lost money and often take unnecessary risks.
There is a huge learning fee involved – of time, money, effort and heartaches.

On the other hand following the teachings and proven systems of those who’ve already achieved what you want to achieve while not guaranteeing your success, makes it very much more likely that you will succeed.

Google makes everyone an expert nowadays and it seems that property investment is no exception.

During the years that I have been doing this I have seen more experts come and go than I can count. They all supposedly made millions and now want to share that knowledge with others. They all have very compelling stories to tell and it gets you in. I have to admit that even I am intrigued at times.
But I suspect that that is all they are… stories.

In the past 20 years I have heard the Negative Gearing argument, then the various Positive Cash-flow arguments. There was the NRAS story, the Mining towns boom/bust and a number of so called strategies to make millions including Option Agreements, to name just a few.
Experience has shown that they only make money for the promoter.

So who can you trust?  The answer is someone who has been through it all and has a simple uncomplicated strategy.
“The schemes are more scams than strategies”.

That strategy should involve understanding the property cycle (the 5 to 7 and 3 to 5) so that you buy in the right place at the right time. It should be easy to explain and understand and usually will involve a simple purchase of a well located property in a location with a proven track record.
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