Thursday, 17 September 2015

Top 10 Criteria for Good Investment Growth - Residential Property

So how do we choose the best property for capital growth?

Do you look in the newspaper, look on the internet, or ask a real estate agent?

That is what most people do....

They say that property doubles every 10-12 years so can we just buy any property and it make money for you?

Unfortunately not all property will double...

Statistically the average of all properties will usually double in that time, but that means that statistically some will more than double and some will less than. That is how you end up with an average.

Actually because some properties will boom some must do virtually no growth at all.

So how do you choose those properties that will outperform the averages?

With nearly 25 years of assisting clients (through a couple of entities) we have quite a bit of experience and data to help make those decisions.

One thing we have learned is that property growth is not consistent. It does not grow each and every year. It follows a cycle of good and not so good times... The Property Clock. (see link below for more detail on the Property Cycle)

What are the criteria to look for?
 The Right Time in the Property Clock Growth Cycle
Then as many of these factors as you can get:
  • Less than 10kms (Adel) and 15kms (Eastern States) from a CBD... Usually not in the CBD.
  • Diversity of Economy, Employment and Social Demographic
  • Surrounded by Quality Housing
  • Surrounded by Quality Suburbs
  • Going through some Urban Renewal
  • Median Price or slightly above for the location (but don't pay too much i.e. Bank Val.)
  • In Demand but with No Oversupply Possibility
  • Good Tax Deductibility Factors
  • Good Rental Yields
Transport (Public and Highway)
  • Good Public Transport to CBD and Hubs
  • Good Highways to CBD and Hubs with Limited or No Bottlenecks
  • Close to Supermarkets
  • Close to Quality Schools and Universities
  • Close to Emergency Hospitals
  • Close to Local Medical Centres
Restaurants and Cafes
  • Close to Popular ones
  • Parks and Walking Trails for Recreation
Community Feel
  • You want it to be a nice place to live
We've done the homework and found those properties that meet in some cases all and in others most of the criteria throughout Australia... (and elsewhere)
If you are thinking of investing in property anywhere please give us a call.
Graeme Clark
1300 131099


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