Wednesday, 18 May 2016

What's your idea of financial freedom?

As a property investment adviser I am always looking for that unique piece of real estate that gives me and therefore my clients the best return. 

Well you are looking at the most expensive real estate in the world today. The screen of a mobile phone...

Billionaires of dollars are spent by companies to place advertisements with Google, Amazon, Ebay, etc to target their products onto that device you carry in your pocket or handbag. 

And even more billions are spend on eCommerce, travel and accomodation which nowadays are researched, booked and purchased using that same mobile device.

It is predicted that within 2 years nearly 50% of all e-commerce and travel/accommodation will be searched and booked using a mobile device.

New search engines will come into the space that Google and others don't service. We have seen that with the likes of Airbnb, Uber, Alibaba, Gumtree and many more. These companies were not even heard of less than 10 years ago and are now valued in the billions of dollars.

These businesses will only grow in usefulness and therefore in revenue as their usage increases.

But all of these businesses grow with our help. 

When we see something we like we share it. We shared their FREE App and help them grow their business.

That might be uploading content for free that the business can then use to attract advertising or it could be just sharing the App if we like it.

But what if there was a way that you could make money from that sharing?

Well there is!

In this new world your mobile phone can become your business or at least provide you with a residual income.

When someone searches the internet or spends money on eCommerce or a holiday you can make money because you shared the App they used to research and purchase that product, service or holiday.

There is no selling because the App is FREE.

The App helps people save time and money when they want to research and/or purchase something on the internet. If you like the App and find it saves you time and money you share it with other people. If they like it, they share it and everybody wins.

That process is no different to what we do now with Facebook, Youtube, Airbnb, etc. except this time when the company receives income from usage or advertising then you can share in that income, instead of it making billionaires even richer. 

This is a business that could be run from home or on a beach somewhere. And because eCommerce and travel are only going to get bigger your business will grow with those trends.

It is a very clever idea and is part of what is being called the "shared economy".

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PS Just like it is now too late to get on board the Google train it will eventually be too late to jump onto this. Call me before it takes off... Actually it has already taken off overseas but it's not too late. If the success overseas is any indication this could be as big as Google in the next 10 years. Call me...

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