Monday, 21 April 2014

Life expectancy is one of my pet subjects and I read an interesting article the other day about medical advances to watch in 2014.

They include making body parts in a 3D printer and in the fight against cancer, cancer immunotherapy, where our body’s immune system is taught to fight the cancer without chemotherapy. Read the full article here, it’s very interesting…read more

I am fascinated not only by how dramatically our life expectancy is changing, but how far behind our collective thinking is to this. We are going to live a lot longer than any other generation.

Every generation lives longer than the previous but in the past that has been by just a few years. But now we are looking at medical advances that will have us living 20 -30 years longer.

It is one thing to live longer but that brings in a huge problem that everyone seems to be ignoring… Our money needs to last longer, too! Or we will simply run out of money and the current pension scheme won’t be able to handle it.

Many of us will live into our 90s and some well beyond that. So how can we build up enough reserves for these decades in retirement?

If Joe Hockey gets his way and we retire at 70 and we live beyond 90 with a modest income of $50,000 that means we need to have more than $1,000,000 in savings or super. Make that retire at 65 and live to 95 and it becomes $1.5M… and if you would like more than $50,000 a year to live on, well it becomes a very big number indeed.

How can we make the money last that long?

The importance and significance of these questions is amplified when you consider that our entire retirement system is built on a superannuation system that pretty much stops growing in value the day we retire and start drawing on it.

Even more interesting is the fact that high profile researchers openly talk about the possibility of a 20 year bear share market where our life savings would not grow at all for that time.

It’s not all bad news though… If you plan to LIVE more than 10 years then it’s not too late. We can still do something about it!

Some of our clients were over 60 when they started.

We all need to consider “Future Proofing” our retirement plan and to do that we need to take more control over it.

Our next few seminars will be about just that:

How to Future Proof your financial future?

What you will learn:

  1. How much money do you need?
  2. Why is property totally different to shares when it comes to your retirement income?
  3. Investing in property inside and outside of Super.
  4. What is the difference between a normal super account and SMSF?
  5. Who should consider an SMSF?
  6. How to set up your own SMSF?
  7. What are your responsibilities?
  8. What are the risks?
  9. Why invest in property in a SMSF?
  10. Case Studies

There will be a FREE Information Bulletin (hand out) available at the end of the seminar “Why use your SUPERANNUATION to buy and INVESTMENT PROPETY”.

This seminar should give you the knowledge you need to decide whether a property in a SMSF is right for you.

These seminars are 1hour 45 minutes (incl Q&A) and based in our Adelaide office boardroom.

Call 1300 131099 if you would like to attend.

For more information about property investment go to:

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