Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Financial Planners cop the blame... Open note to Financial Planners

It's your fault that the stock market hasn't been performing well.
It's your fault your client hasn't achieved his goals. But is it really?
Or is it just a misunderstanding?

As most of you know I was a Financial Planner for over 15 years…
So I know what you go through day by day to justify to your clients results that are out of your control. 

It's a funny thing but I had clients with both share based portfolios and many with large property portfolios. And I discovered one interesting thing:
When the share market fell it was my fault but when property went into the doldrums that wasn't my fault...

The client’s perspective was that property results were out of my control. 

It's pretty easy to see now why I gradually moved most of my clients into properties. 

But in those days we were commission based income so until I worked out how to get paid for property it wasn't good on my income... Butat least I didn't get yelled at. 

Nowadays it's a whole new world with most clients paying their Financial Planner an annual fee for service. That makes it easy for Financial Planner to suggest that their clients consider property in their portfolios but still not many do. 

Those that do however have very happy clients with Property averaging over 9% for the last 10 years. 

So how do you do it and get around compliance?  

Give me a call and we can talk about making your clients happy... Or at least them not blaming you. 

I now have nearly a thousand happy clients. So can you…

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