Tuesday, 21 April 2015

WARNING - Please read and forward


This is a great article for anyone considering property investment or paying for property education with the likes of Park Trent or Dymphna Boholt… and there are plenty of others:

It is also why we insist on our clients:

1.       “Taking their time”… you can’t buy anything at our seminars. You will have to go away, think about it, get advice and then come back if you want our help.

2.       We insist on getting properties valued before you sign anything and where possible put a clause in the contract that the valuation must be within an acceptable range or the contract is cancelled.

3.       You will see the valuation before you commit.

Property investment can be an excellent way to build wealth for your future but unfortunately there are people that will take advantage of your lack of knowledge… using very clever selling tactics, like “group mentality”, “fear of loss” and others.
If you don’t deal with us make sure you do those 3 things above.
I hope this article goes some way into cleaning up the property investment market place.
Please read and forward it.


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